About Us

Painting was my only passion from my school life. I had wished to be a significant artist. I got rewards in my student life by painting lots of great leaders of Bangladesh, they are- Kaji Nazrul Islam, Netaji Shuvash Chandra Basu, Sheikh Mojibur Rahman, Ziaur Rahman, and many others. I wanted to get admitted in fine arts department of DU. Having all the qualities, I could not get admitted there because of my financial problem. Later, I got admitted in BAFA. In BAFA, I competed with Rasa and won lots of prizes.

My arts, exhibitions, awards, hard work influenced me to think about my passion to change into profession. But before establishing an institute or academy it is important to have some ideas and experiences. I had been worked as an artist in many small firms with cherishing my dream to have my own Institution. Day by day my mind was turning me to think about expanding my business as a designer. To design a poster I had to use brush and pustota where others used computer in that time. In 1995, I worked under “Aka Prochar” institute, published cover page of many books. I used transparent color to make slide of movies. After that, I wish to launch screen print on my design.

In that time I worked in many local companies with screen print machine at Narayangonj. I also worked with many export quality factory. I worked with many famous artists among Bangladesh. Those people are- Narayan dada, Lalla vai, Babu Monoranjan, Bahram Vai, Wazid Babu, Tota Vai. I got many rewards by painting the posters of cinemas with fluorescent color. I have a lot of reputation in painting of many great leaders- Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia, President Ershad, Moudud Ahmed, Kazi Zafar, Dilip Kumar. In that time got quite familiarity in advertising sector by working with- Wonder Sign, Rupayan Art View and Neptune Advertisement. I got resigned from Neptune in 1995 and started my own advertising firm. By expanding my own firm, I took office at Nabisco.

In 1997, I participated in an art competition. My performance was outstanding so that Dubai government offered me to go over there with the full financial support. But my patriotism makes me to come back in my motherland again.

In 1999, I established my own advertising firm named “Famous”. I also started a printing press in 2005 under the name of Famous. At that time, I bounded to borrow some money from my mother and started learning graphics design. In 2010, I intended to start a new business which is “Digital Sign”. In that case the Managing Director of “Fakhruddin” Md Abdul Khalek and I started a firm which is Famous Digital Sign. Then company started the business and I became MD of that company. In next Linkers Automobile’s director proposed to make it limited company. Finally they left the business but I did not give up. I continued the business as a sole proprietorship by facing heart throb obstacle and my effortless struggle build a name in Bangladesh advertisement sector is FAMOUS LED SIGN.